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Lifelegacy for independent contractors

Lifelegacy insurance for Independent contractor provides protection for the general liability, business operations, or business property of an independent contractors, and also coverage for liability risks, business property, income, and business operations.  Additional coverages can be bundled into a business owner policy as needed by the contractors' profession and individual business needs. Lifelegacy helps independent contractors meet professional standards by companies that may require a certificate of insurance before they hire you.

Benefits of Lifelegacy insurance for independent contractors

Payment of Legal Costs

Protection of Your Employees

Lifelegacy independent contractors’ insurance policy cover the legal costs that a lawsuit may entail giving the piece of mind when you go to work a new job with a new client.

This coverage is a win-win for all parties involved. Injured employees can get all the benefits that are due to them and it wouldn’t matter who is at fault for the unforeseen accident. On top of that, you will be spared from the cost and hassle of a potential lawsuit that the injured employee could have filed against you.

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