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Why You Need Us

Today's healthcare system can be confusing and frustrating! While healthcare premiums continue to rise, it seems like the benefits that come with those prices are getting less and less. Just going in for a regular primary care visit can cost the average person $200 or more not to mention if it is a specialist or any type of testing or procedure that needs to be done. People shop around for the best prices for services like cars, food, gas, clothes, etc but they typically don't shop around for the best priced doctors or hospitals when those things are so important to your health and your pocketbook.


Most people delay getting the testing or procedures that they need because they hear how much it cost and can't afford it or don't want to allocate that much money to it. Did you know that not all providers or facilities charge the same rates for doctor's visits, testing, procedures, etc? You can go to one doctor for a checkup and have labs done and it cost you anywhere from $250-$1000 on average. What if I told you that you could choose to go to a top notch provider and get the exact same labs done for only $120-$200! Or that you have an option to choose a provider and facility for your procedure that could end up saving you thousands of dollars and is sometimes only 1/3 of the original cost you were quoted! Have you ever received an ER bill or hospital bill that was so high that you didn't know how you were ever going to pay that?


Would you like to have someone on your side who will call on those bills and try to negotiate a lower balance for you? These are only some of the services that Personal Life Legacy Concierge offer. With our dedicated concierge team, we can assist you in finding providers and facilities, get discounted labs and imaging, negotiate medical bills, and find the best pricing for any procedures that you may need. Think of us as your own personal healthcare guru that you go to for anything related to your health! We can't wait to assist you in getting the care you deserve at a lower price than today's skyrocketing rates!

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